Talks in 2023 (video):

23/11/25Peking UniversityYikai ZhaoSIGMOD '23Double-Anonymous Sketch: Achieving Top-K-fairness for Finding Global Top-K Frequent Items.
23/11/25Northeastern UniversityYangsheng YanICNP '22SketchGuide: Reconfiguring Sketch-based Measurement on Programmable Switches.
23/11/18Peking UniversityQizhi ChenSIGKDD '22Sampling-based Estimation of The Number of Distinct Values in Distributed Environment.
23/11/11Peking UniversityWenpu LiuTKDE '23A Sketch Framework for Approximate Data Stream Processing in Sliding Windows.
23/11/11Soochow UniversityShankui JiICDE '21The Logarithmic Dynamic Cuckoo Filter.
23/11/04Peking UniversityRunjie ZhouICLR '23Dataless Knowledge Fusion by Merging Weights of Language Models.
23/11/04Northeastern UniversitySonglin ChenSIGCOMM '23OmniWindow: A General and Efficient Window Mechanism Framework for Network Telemetry.
23/10/28Peking UniversityYalun CaiSIGMOD '21Out of Many We are One: Measuring Item Batch with Clock-Sketch.
23/10/28Southeast UniversityZeping TangICNP '23Bucket-level Elastic Cuckoo Filter Based on Consistent Hashing with High Memory Efficiency.
23/10/21Peking UniversityXiangwei DengSIGCOMM '23BitSense: Universal and Nearly Zero-Error Optimization for Sketch Counters with Compressive.
23/10/14Peking UniversityHanglong LvNSDI '23Enhancing Global Network Monitoring with Magnifier.
23/10/14Nanjing UniversityMingxin LiSIGCOMM '23Direct Telemetry Access.
23/10/07Peking UniversityWenrui LiuSIGCOMM '21Programmable Packet Scheduling with a Single Queue.
23/09/30Peking UniversityYisen HongSoftware ImpactsThe t-digest: Efficient estimates of distributions.
23/09/30Soochow UniversityYifan HanSIGCOMM '23BitSense: Universal and Nearly Zero-Error Optimization for Sketch Counters with Compressive Sensing.
23/09/23Peking UniversityYujie ChenSIGCOMM '22FlyMon: enabling on-the-fly task reconfiguration for network measurement.
23/09/23Southeast UniversityLiukun HeSIGCOMM '23ChameleMon: Shifting Measurement Attention as Network State Changes.
23/09/16Peking UniversityZihan JiangICDE '23SK-Gradient: Efficient Communication for Distributed Machine Learning with Data Sketch.
23/09/16Central South UniversityMin ZhanINFOCOM '20Clustering-preserving Network Flow Sketching.
23/09/09Peking UniversityHaoyu LiSIGMOD '24ChainedFilter: Combining Membership Filters by Chain Rule.
23/09/09Nanjing UniversityShusen ChenSIGMOD '23When Tree Meets Hash: Reducing Random Reads for Index Structures on Persistent Memories.
23/09/02Peking UniversityJianan JiSIGCOMM '23P4LRU: Towards An LRU Cache Entirely in Programmable Data Plane.
23/09/02Northeastern UniversityKejun GuoNSDI '23Sketchovsky: Enabling Ensembles of Sketches on Programmable Switches.
23/08/26Peking UniversityQilong ShiToN '23Ark Filter: A General and Space-Efficient Sketch for Network Flow Analysis.
23/08/26Southeast UniversityZiang JinTPDSEfficient and Accurate Flow Record Collection With HashFlow.
23/08/19Central South UniversityShu LinICPP '22SHE: A Generic Framework for Data Stream Mining over Sliding Windows.
23/08/12Peking UniversityYifan ZhuTKDE '23OneSketch: A Generic and Accurate Sketch for Data Streams.
23/08/12Peking UniversityLilai LiuSIGCOMM '22Continuous In-Network Round-Trip Time Monitoring.
23/08/05Nanjing UniversityMingxin LiSIGCOMM CCR '23Fast In-kernel Traffic Sketching in eBPF.
23/07/29Peking UniversityRuwen ZhangTKDE '23OneSketch: A Generic and Accurate Sketch for Data Streams.
23/07/22Peking UniversityYuhan WuICDE '23KVSAgg: Secure Aggregation of Distributed Key-Value Sets.
23/07/22Soochow UniversityHanwen ZhangICNP '22Talent Sketch: LSTM-based Sketch for Adaptive and High-Precision Network Measurement.
23/07/15Southeast UniversityYongjie LuoPVLDB '22Enabling Efficient and General Subpopulation Analytics in Multidimensional Data Streams.
23/07/08Peking UniversityZiwei WangICDE '23REncoder: A Space-Time Efficient Range Filter with Local Encoder.
23/07/08Central South UniversityZirong WeiINFOCOM '22MC-Sketch: Enabling Heterogeneous Network Monitoring Resolutions with Multi-Class Sketch
23/07/01Peking UniversityYuanpeng LiSIGMOD '23LadderFilter: Filtering Infrequent Items with Small Memory and Time Overhead
23/07/01Nanjing UniversityShizhe LiuSIGMOD '23Infinifilter: Expanding Filters to Infinity and Beyond
23/06/24Peking UniversityRuixin WangSIGKDD '23MicroscopeSketch: Accurate Sliding Estimation Using Adaptive Zooming
23/06/24Northeastern UniversityKejun GuoNSDI '23Sketchovsky: Enabling Ensembles of Sketches on Programmable Switches
23/06/17Peking UniversityChunhui ChenICDE '23Wind-Bell Index: Towards Ultra-Fast Edge Query for Graph Databases
23/06/17Southeast UniversityJiangtao ZhengNDSS '23A Robust Counting Sketch for Data Plane Intrusion Detection
23/06/10Peking UniversityZhuochen FanSIGMOD '23TreeSensing: Linearly Compressing Sketches with Flexibility
23/06/10Central South UniversityJing ShaoINFOCOM '20SpreadSketch: Toward Invertible and Network-Wide Detection of Superspreaders
23/06/03Peking UniversityJiarui GuoSIGKDD '23SketchPolymer: Estimate Per-item Tail Quantile Using One Sketch
23/05/27Peking UniversityRuijie MiaoSIGKDD '23Hyper-USS: Answering Subset Query Over Multi-Attribute Data Stream
23/05/27Hunan UniversityJiazheng TianINFOCOM '21Low Cost Sparse Network Monitoring Based on Block Matrix Completion
23/05/20Peking UniversityFeiyu WangSIGMOD '23JoinSketch: A Sketch Algorithm for Accurate and Unbiased Inner-Product Estimation
23/05/20Soochow UniversityKejian LiSIGMOD '21Building Fast and Compact Sketches for Approximately Multi-Set Multi-Membership Querying
23/05/13Peking UniversityZirui LiuATC '21One-sided RDMA-Conscious Extendible Hashing for Disaggregated Memory
23/05/13Southeast UniversityJiaming ZhangVLDB '23Auxo: A Scalable and Efficient Graph Stream Summarization Structure
23/05/06Peking UniversityXiaodong LiICDE '23Finding Simplex Items in Data Streams
23/05/06Central South UniversityWenlu ZhangVLDB '21PR-Sketch: Monitoring Per-key Aggregation of Streaming Data with Nearly Full Accuracy
23/04/22Peking UniversityYixin ZhangNSDI '22SketchLib: Enabling Efficient Sketch-based Monitoring on Programmable Switches
23/04/22Nanjing UniversityGuoying ZhuSOSP '17 Netcache: Balancing key-value stores with fast in-network caching.
23/04/15UCSBFuheng ZhaoVLDB '22/'21Efficient Big Data Analysis with the Presence of Deletions
23/04/08Peking UniversityKaicheng YangSIGCOMM '22PrintQueue: Performance Diagnosis via Queue Measurement in the Data Plane
23/04/01Southeast UniversityYeke WuSIGKDD '20Incremental Lossless Graph Summarization
23/04/01Peking UniversityYikai ZhaoNSDI '22Dynamic Scheduling of Approximate Telemetry Queries
23/03/25Central South UniversitySitan LiSIGKDD '21DHS: Adaptive Memory Layout Organization of Sketch Slots for Fast and Accurate Data Stream Processing
23/03/25Peking UniversityQizhi ChenVLDB '21Stingy Sketch: A Sketch Framework for Accurate and Fast Frequency Estimation
23/03/18Nanjing UniversityWenqi LuoSIGMOD '18SuRF: Practical Range Query Filtering with Fast Succinct Tries

Talks before 2023 (video):

22/12/23Peking UniversityRui QiuIEEE/ACM ToNCardinality Estimation for Elephant Flows on Virtual Register Sharing
22/11/06Peking UniversityWenrui Liu-P4基础教程
22/08/25Peking UniversityYifan ZhuFFSPIN '22PISketch: Finding Persistent and Infrequent Flows
22/07/29Peking UniversityRuwen ZhangICNP '22BurstBalancer: Do Less, Better Balance for Large-scale Data Center Traffic
22/07/22Peking UniversityYuhan WuICDE '19Multi-copy Cuckoo Hashing
22/06/24Peking UniversityZiwei WangSIGKDD '20Sliding Sketches: A Framework using Time Zones for Data Stream Processing in Sliding Windows
22/06/17Peking UniversityRuixin WangICDE '22PeriodicSketch: Finding Periodic Items in Data Streams
22/05/20Peking UniversityYuanpeng LiSIGKDD '21Cluster-Reduce: Compressing Sketches for Distributed Data Streams
22/05/13Peking UniversityRuijie Miao-Flink中的sketch实现
22/05/08Peking UniversitySheng Long-Redis中Sketch实现
22/04/29Peking UniversityChunhui ChenWWW '22QCluster: Clustering Packets for Flow Scheduling
22/04/24Peking UniversityFeiyu WangSIGKDD '20WavingSketch: An Unbiased and Generic Sketch for Finding Top-k Items in Data Streams
22/04/15Peking UniversityZirui LiuSIGMOD '18SketchML: Accelerating Distributed Machine Learning with Data Sketches
22/04/10Peking UniversityXiaodong LiNSDI '21ATP:In-network Aggregation for Multi-tenant Learning
22/03/18Peking UniversityYixin ZhangVLDB '21SKT: A One-Pass Multi-Sketch Data Analytics Accelerator
22/03/11Peking UniversityQizhi ChenVLDB '21KLL±: Approximate Qantile Sketches over Dynamic Datasets
22/03/05Peking UniversityKaicheng YangSIGCOMM '19HPCC: high precision congestion control
21/12/31Peking UniversityYikai ZhaoSIGCOMM '21Programmable Packet Scheduling with a Single Queue
21/12/24Peking UniversityRui QiuICDE '19Fast and Accurate Graph Stream Summarization
21/12/17Peking UniversityZhuochen FanVLDB '21On-Off Sketch: A Fast and Accurate Sketch on Persistence
21/12/08Peking UniversityGuanyu QuUsenix Security '21Ripple: A Programmable, Decentralized Link-Flooding Defense Against Adaptive Adversaries
21/11/26Peking UniversityYifan ZhuATC '18Heavykeeper: An Accurate Algorithm for Finding Top-k Elephant Flows
21/11/21Peking UniversityYikai Zhao-NS-2教程
21/11/19Peking UniversityRuwen ZhangVLDB '21Randomized Error Removal for Online Spread Estimation in Data Streaming
21/11/13Peking UniversityRuijie MiaoSIGCOMM '18AuTO: Scaling Deep Reinforcement Learning for Datacenter-Scale Automatic Traffic Optimization
21/11/05Peking UniversityYuhan WuVLDB '19DDSketch: A fast and fully-mergeable quantile sketch with relative-error guarantees
21/10/29Peking UniversityZiwei WangSIGMOD '21BurstSketch: Finding Bursts in Data Streams
21/10/22Peking UniversityRuixin WangSIGCOMM '21CocoSketch: High-Performance Sketch-based Measurement over Arbitrary Partial Key Query
21/10/15Peking UniversityYan WangVLDB '21Space- and Computationally-Efficient Set Reconciliation via Parity Bitmap Sketch (PBS)
21/10/08Peking UniversityYuanpeng LiNSDI '21Toward Nearly-Zero-Error Sketching via Compressive Sensing